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ClassicB96 is an idea to bring together radio rips of WBBM 96.3FM B96 Chicago from the 90's until the early millennium. This was a time when the Internet and Computers were very new and a luxury to those that could afford them. You couldn't go to iTunes and find songs in the mixmaster mixes, traffic jams, lunch party's, etc. You couldn't download the song that just "released". You couldn't "Shazam". You couldn't "Spotify". You couldn't "YouTube" just yet. You had to dial-in to 96.3FM (non-hd) B96 Chicago and PATIENTLY listen for songs. You had to stay up late to hear you're favorite DJ's and cancel your weekend evening plans so you could record that mix. It were these things that made B96 a rarity for this time period. I hope everyone that appreciated the station during this time will share their thoughts, knowledge and recorded shows!!

Please, it is important to remember this time period is not the official focus for ClassicB96 and can be discussed and shared about during earlier and later years.

ClassicB96 was born on 06/2012