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In late 1994, Julian “Jumpin'” Perez created a broad-based, personality-heavy radio show that would represent the music evolution occurring on the streets and in the night clubs of Chicago. The show was called "the B96 Street Flava". Airing every Sunday night, the "Street Flava" was an immediate hit and sounded even more rhythmic that what the station normally sounded during the non-mixshow hours. Each hour contained a 10 to 15-minute mix ranging from house (usually the harder, tech house sound that both Bad Boy Bill and Bobby D were playing rather than the soulful garage house sound that would be heard on rival WGCI), hip hop, freestyle (both the then-new artists and old school favorites), and old school (usually 1980s/early 1990s dance music once popularized on defunct WBMX). The mixes were usually done by guest DJs rather than the regular B96 mixmasters. Some of these guest mixers would eventually become regular B96 mixmasters in the future, such as DJ Speed, Mixin' Marc, DJ Flipside, and Dan Morell, who mixed under the name "DJ Smurf" before going under his real name. The success of the "Street Flava" prompting B96 management to promote Julian as a weekday overnight on-air personality in 1995. Teaming with fellow mixmaster Tim "Spinnin'" Schommer and later a female host named Candi, Julian "Jumpin'" Perez enjoyed the success of hosting the highly-rated "Street Flava" for the next several years until the show's cancellation in 1999.