5 O'Clock Traffic Jam

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In February 1993, the B96 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam premiered and was a special project of mixes engineered by Hot Tracks, Ultimix, X-Mix, Powerhouse, and other remix services, although most were engineered by an individual. Unlike the B96 Dance Party/Street Mix sets, there was usually no DJ Identification other than a station ID throughout the mix although some of the regular mixers, such as Brian Middleton, would do some of the sets. Arizona-based C.L. McSpadden also provided mixes that aired during these hours. The 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam was a 1 hour mix that aired at 5 p.m. on weekdays consisting of contemporary music during the era in dance/house/pop formats. Many tracks featured where off DJ-only mix compilations and thus were rarely heard outside of the FM dial.